Public Hearings

Summer Public Hearings

During Summer 2021, the CRC will conduct 7 public hearings, ensuring residents’ ability to participate from all five Supervisorial Districts. At these public hearings, the CRC will present an overview of the redistricting process, legal considerations, outreach efforts, public access plan, and a timeline. These public hearings are also important for receiving public comment and soliciting community input regarding:

  • Questions they have about the redistricting process
  • Input about what the public would like the CRC to consider in the redistricting effort

Fall Public Hearings

Once the 2020 U.S. Census Bureau data are available and the CRC has reviewed the submitted Redistricting Plans from the community, the CRC prepares its own Redistricting Plan options for input from the public.

These Fall public hearings are important to solicit community input regarding the CRC Redistricting Plan options under consideration.