External Communications and Presentations

Communications and Presentations Outside of Open Meetings or Hearings

Pursuant to Article IV, section 4.08, subsection C(3) “Reporting Requirement for Other Communications” of the Los Angeles County CRC Bylaws: “Except during a public meeting, workshop, or hearing, if a Commissioner directly communicates with anyone other than another Commissioner, LA County CRC staff, legal counsel, consultants retained by the Commission or experts to learn about general redistricting principles, regarding a redistricting matter that might come before the Commission other than the specific placement of district boundaries (which is covered in subparagraph (2) above), the Commissioner shall promptly forward originals or copies of all involved written or electronic communications to the Clerk of the Commission. For unrecorded verbal or other communication, a Commissioner shall promptly prepare a written summary of the communication and transmit the summary to the Clerk.” All reported ex part communication will be updated accordingly in this log and posted to the Los Angeles County Redistricting website for the public to view.

To view external communications outside of open meetings or hearings with Commissioners, including a list of presentations that Commissioners have done, click the button below to view and download the log.

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