The Commissioners are to ensure that the redistricting process is fair, transparent, objective, and legal. Based on U.S. Census Bureau 2020 population data and applicable legal requirements, the CRC will define how the Supervisorial Districts will be drawn to account for population and demographic changes since the 2010 U.S. Census.

Commission meetings require a quorum of 9 members; at least 9 members must vote “yes” to pass any official actions.

Our Values are:

Accountability: We are accountable to the process and each other to serve all the constituents of Los Angeles County.

Transparency: We are committed to openness in all aspects of the redistricting process.

Objectivity: We are careful, intentional, fair-minded, and impartial and will actively resist undue influence in establishing supervisorial district boundaries in an equitable manner.

Integrity: We are honest, truthful, ethical, principled, respectful, and professional.

Inclusion & Equity: We seek to create and foster a true sense of belonging and eliminate potential barriers by being purposeful, deliberate, and effective in comprehensive public outreach, engagement, and feedback.

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